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On Wednesday I hired a bike and rode the Slea Head Drive.

The first one was the Dunbeg promontory fort.

... the first site wasn't that spectacualar.

Even one with a cellar. I tried to see how big the cellar was by using the flashlight of my camera, but I didn't see much unfortunately.

A complete Beehive hut.

When I mentioned my lack of a flashlight to the women, on who's property the Beehive huts where on, see lent me a candle.

A young Seagull.

After some cycling I stoped by the Reask Monastic Settlement.

Some more Ring Forts...

I visited almost every tourist attraction on the way.

I visited to places with Beehive huts...

I liked the second site much better. (I.e. one nearest to Slea Head). There where a lot less people there and there where a lot more Beehive huts.

Nice view aye?

It was quite a big space, now occupied by nice spiders.

After the convined space of the cellar of the Beehive hut the view from Slea Head was incredible.

Next in line was Gallarus Oratory, amazing all stone and no morter, just like the Beehive huts.

...Cathair Deargain Ring Forts to be precise.

Near the ring fort and oratory lies Kilmalkedar Church.

After the Church I cycled up to Brandon's Creek. The way back was a bit different from cycling in the Netherlands: Not only head wind (we've got that over here too), but also up hill (we don't have those).

After I returned to the hostel I had the feeling I actually did something today :-)

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