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We had a rest day in Camusdarach, but everyone went on a day trip to the island Eigg. We got a ride in a landrover to the harbour.

We saw some seals on the way over. As you can see from the water is was raining a bit.

There was a description of a walk up the highest point from Eigg. In the booklet it said it would take about 4 1/2 hours up and down. Which we would have to do a bit quicker 'cause the Ferry was leaving again in 4 hours.

Nico, Yoran and I where on the top ahead of schedule.

We where back at the harbour in 2 1/2 hours. We took a bit of a detour on the way back since we had plenty of time.

If I remember correctly somebody said they are Mink whales.

Back in Camusdarach we saw another beautiful sunset.

The one who was complaining a sailboat would be even more beautiful then a freight ship. Should look here instead of here.




The boatticket from the ferry to Eigg.

Spot the Grouse.

Although not the best whether imaginable, the view was quite nice.

On the way back we spotted some whales.

The ferry followed the whales and stopped the engines so everyone could get a good look (and a picture) of them.

The island Eigg seen from the boat.

Count the cameras.

Two pictures of almost the same site but I could decide which one I liked best.

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